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We cannot accept biting, aggressive, or ill pets. Pregnant pets are accepted on a case-by-case basis. We appreciate honesty and full disclosure of your pet’s needs and personality! If we find that we are not able to take care of your pets-showing aggression-snarling, biting, and lunging at the sitters we will make arrangements for the pet to go to a family member or arrange for boarding

Our signed service contract permits us to get medical care from your veterinarian and the animal emergency clinic with reimbursement of all incurred expenses to company. Please leave a credit card number on file with your veterinarian.

Pet sitter will not provide service for loose (not contained) or chained dogs. If pets are contained in a fence or by invisible fencing when a sitter representative is not there, our service contract releases us from liability for incidents involving pets left outside unsupervised. 

Please call the 865-5058 office number so we know you have arrived from your trip and will not continue service. 

Please keep the office updated with changes or log in to your client contract to update home and pet information. Of particular importance is information concerning your contact phone numbers, security system status and pet health care (medications or veterinarian) changes. Instructions for administration of all medications must be clearly written on a separate sheet of paper. 

Our business line is 803-865-5058 Monday - Friday. Our after hours emergency only number for after 5pm Monday  - Friday, weekends, holidays is 803-319-2747

Travel plans change and “things happen” when you travel. If you find you will need us to continue service beyond the contracted period, we request that you advise us as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to accommodate your requests and additional visits will routinely be made at your normal visit fee. A late request fee may be added. 

All calls must go through the Petsitting By Denise office 803-865-5058. Please use this number to call to check on your pets while your are traveling, for reservations, cancellations, date changes, extensions of trip, or any other information you need to give or pass on to your sitter prior to, during and after care. You can also  go into your client profile sheet and update home and pet info. In order for your services to be covered by the PBD insurance and bonding all communications must be made through the office. Our sitters can call you on a scheduled visit to let you know how your pets are. 

It is a breach of contract to hire work from a Petsitting by Denise professional pet sitter "on the side". Please don't even ask! 


Q. What happens if my sitter becomes ill or injured? 
A. There is always a back up sitter available who is trained and aware of your specific needs.

Q. What happens if my pet becomes injured or ill?
A. We are dedicated to excellent care of your pet and have a 24 hr. vet on call. In the event of an emergency we will take your pet to the nearest animal hospital or your own vet. At this same time we will be contacting you or your emergency contact person. The assigned pet sitter will remain with your pet until you are reached and appropriate action is taken. 

Q. What is the purpose of the email service confirmation that gets sent when I book a service? 
A. The schedule confirmation messages are service we offer primarily for peace of mind for you. Having the dates of service correct, the services to be delivered clearly documented eliminates any possible confusion or misunderstanding. The service confirmations also keep you updated on the status of any credit or balances you may have on file from returning home early or by extending your trip. Please do not leave town without a confirmation call from your sitter. 

Q. If I get a confirmation email message, and need to adjust the dates of service or services being delivered, what should I do? 
A. You can email the changes to us or call our office or go into our program Power Petsitter. .  We will make the adjustments to the staff schedule and send you an updated confirmation. Please call  48 hours before you change your schedule. All clients should call 865-5058 when you arrive. If you are not going to  arrive that day as planned please call us  865-5058 or email  us  @ info@petsittingbydenise.com  so we will know to keep servicing.   

Q. Can I make changes to my service order using the web? 
A. Yes, we have a new program Power Petsitter. You would go to the website. You would go to the website www.petsittingbydenise.com. Click on Existing Client. This updates your home and pet information. 

Q. How do I pay?
A.  We do accept Visa and Mastercard and all visits must be paid for before services are rendered. 

A. Gratuity is graciously accepted for your sitter and may be offered directly to your pet sitter. Please leave cash, checks in their name and/or gift cards. 

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​The following policies, including fees, may be changed or updated without prior notice or publication. Non-compliance with Petsitting By Denise policies may be cause for termination of current and future services. Please print and keep a copy of our policies for review.

Pet Sitting By Denise reserves the right to refuse service to any persons or pets without explanation. 

You must receive a confirmation of service email from your individual pet care provider or the office within a day or two before departure. Please do not depart without this confirmation. 

Your decision to partner with our company to provide professional pet and home care services is one we take very seriously. We commit to care for your pets with love, respect, and individual attention. 

Additionally, we will perform crime deterrent activities in your home each visit to provide that “somebody’s home” appearance. We will collect mail, adjust blinds and lights, and water a limited number of plants at no additional fee. To allow us to better serve you please take a few moments to become familiar with our array of services and routine policies. 

No pet will be "overlooked" for rate calculation purposes, all pets will be cared for in the household.